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Tom Barth has built an excellent reputation with legal firms across the country for his expertise as a crane accident investigator and expert witness. With his vast experience as a crane operator and inspector, Tom assesses cases quickly and accurately and delivers concise answers to complicated questions. His lifelong commitment to crane safety gives him a unique perspective on the industry.


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Crane Accident Investigation and Accident Reconstruction

Barth Crane Consultants Accident Investigation, Reconstruction and Expert Witness Testimony

Tom Barth has investigated high-profile crane accidents throughout the United States.

Working around heavy equipment is inherently dangerous and crane accidents are a leading cause of death and injury on construction jobs, oil platforms, around ports and anywhere else that heavy loads are lifted and moved. Crane accident investigation is a complex process requiring an individual well versed in crane operation, experienced in detailed crane inspections, knowledgeable of crane safety procedures and able to articulate the specific issues that caused the situation. Crane accident investigators are often called to provide accurate reconstructions of accident scenarios and deliver expert witness testimony, either through depositions or on the stand in the courtroom.

Barth crane accident investigations can include immediate on-site assessments, reviewing critical lift plans and all events leading up to the accident. We will record the accident scene for review at a later date, make sure that interviewers are asking the right questions and include equipment appraisals and site safety surveys. In many crane investigations, we are brought in later to review depositions, reconstruct the accident, determine the probable cause and review any accident reports from OSHA and state or local municipalities.

Tom Barth has investigated crane accidents in more than 55 high-profile cases, including:

  • March 2008 Tower Crane Collapse in New York City that resulted in 4 fatalities.
  • May 2008 Tower Crane Collapse in New York City that resulted in 2 fatalities.
  • July 2008 collapse of one of the country's largest mobile cranes at a Houston, TX oil refinery.

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